Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Help Me Help You - podcast

I've been sort of depressed the past few days because my year-end "fund me" campaign was not as successful as last year. Then yesterday Emily Drevets,  @drevets ,sent me the edited podcast of an interview she did with me a couple of months ago.  You can listen to it on iTunes at

Emily is one of the talented people who gather weekly at ChiHackNight which is held in the Braintree offices at Chicago's Merchandise Mart. I've attended off and on for several years (see article) and am constantly thrilled by the talented people who introduce themselves at the start of each weekly event. My wish has been that some of them would do exactly what Emily has done and use their talent to help me upgrade the technology and share the ideas from this blog and my web sites with more people.

Last summer she announced to the group that she was launching a Podcast and wanted volunteers to practice with. I offered and in preparation she took some time to look at my sites. Then she interviewed me via Skype, and then created the podcast, which now shares my ideas with people in her own network.

What makes this special is how Emily asks leading questions or helps create shared understanding of ideas I was sharing in the interview. It makes more sense to others because of the work she did.

If you look at the graphic at the right, Emily and I are the two people to the left of the big circle. Her podcast is sharing ideas I've been putting on this blog and my web sites for more than 20 years.  It's potentially going to reach many people who I don't know, and some of them my create their own blog or video to share it further.

In the podcast I describe the graphic at the right, showing how an idea launched by one person can spread, through the efforts of others.

I feel many can, and should, take this role, not just to support what I do, but to amplify and support the work that others are doing.

I look forward to hearing from some who will listen to this in the coming moths.

Maybe a few of those will go to this page and send some financial support to help me do this work in the coming year.

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