Monday, June 04, 2018

Help Chicago Tutor Mentor Orgs Grow - Everyday!

I created the Tutor/Mentor Connection in 1993, and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC in 2011, to help volunteer-based tutoring and mentoring programs grow in all parts of Chicago.

I've been following four concurrent strategies every day since then, which you can read about here, and here.

While Step 1 involves building a list of Chicago tutor/mentor programs, which is on-going, Step 2 involves efforts that draw attention and resources to each program on my list.

Here's one way I do that, and that anyone can duplicate, for the same goals.

In this graphic are screen shots of the Twitter home page for seven organizations, along with the home page of @tutormentorteam, which is my account. 

Here's another:

All I did was open the Twitter list that I use to follow youth tutor/mentor programs in Chicago and in other cities and scroll through to find recent posts of Chicago organizations.  I used the "print screen" button on my PC keyboard and pasted the image into a Power Point page, then cropped it and re-sized it. Then I added the Twitter handle of the organization and saved the PPT as a JPG image, which I can use in many places.

I could make a half-dozen versions of this since more than 40 Chicago youth orgs post information on Twitter. Some do this more than others. I'd like to encourage more to use Twitter.

I could do that. But, if YOU do this, and post your graphics on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIN, you will help more people learn about these programs than I can with just my own efforts.

That's the goal of the articles I've posted on this blog since 2005 and that I share in email and printed newsletters in the years since 1993. If more kids in Chicago and other cities are to have access to well-organized, volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs then more people will need to duplicate what I've been trying to do, using their own talent and communications ability to tell the stories of existing programs and to point to places where more programs are needed.

It's easy to do. No cost to you. It helps kids connect to mentors and tutors and helps reduce violence and inequality in the region.  The YOU could be a business, sports or celebrity person, political leader, faith leader or youth in a middle school classroom. Anyone can do this.

If you take this role include @tutormentorteam on your Tweets so I can see what you're doing.

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