Friday, June 01, 2018

Helping Youth Tutor/Mentor Programs Grow - Ideas to Share

Last week I posted an article with this cMap showing work interns did between 2006 and 2015 to interpret and share ideas and strategies that I had originally launched as PDF essays and/or blog articles.

I hope you'll take a look. I think these ideas can be applied anywhere, but far too few people know they exist. I also feel that youth in schools and non-school programs could be creating their own versions, pointing to their city and/or neighborhood.

Below is an example of how this works.  It's a pdf essay that I created to visualize the need to influence what resource providers do, not just what leaders, staff and volunteers in non profits do.

The "how to influence change" idea was originally communicated in this blog article.   Below is a video done by one of our interns to communicate the information in the PDF.

Over the past 20  years I've written hundreds of blog articles and created many pdf essays. They're all intended to expand the network of people helping inner city youth get the extra adult support they need to move through school and into adult lives.  On this page you can find a list of the pdf presentations, including links to Slideshare and Scribd where I've posted some of these.

The concept map I refer to at the start of this article shows work done by many interns. Imagine if you were able to create a similar map a few years from now, showing work students and volunteers did to communicate ideas and strategies showing how your organization or community network is helping kids move through school.

I urge you to spend time looking at these. Then enlist youth and volunteers to create their own versions, applying the ideas to helping youth in Chicago, or in other cities, or specific neighborhoods.  As you see how this works, and how it helps build visibility and understanding for the work youth organizations do, you can expand the range of information that is reviewed and shared based on the vision and strategy of your own organization.

If you're doing this type of work, share your link in the comment section so others can be inspired by your own efforts.

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