Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Junk food and philanthropy

On the Tactical Philanthropy Blog there's an article showing how a creative product manager and talented advertising agency turned carrots into a "junk food" and increased sales.

In the graphic below I show how consultants working at Accenture and similar companies could do a better job of enlisting business support for tutor/mentor programs because they are already working as trusted partners with these companies and involved in helping them find new ways to sell their services.

If we can recruit volunteers and ad agencies who will create campaigns that draw volunteers AND donors to volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs, and to the Tutor/Mentor Connection, we can increase our sales, too.

In this case we increase our ability to keep kids and volunteers connected. Read more about the role of talent volunteers and consultants in this pdf essay.

If you've got this talent and you want to help us, email tutormentor2 at earthlink dot net or call 312-492-9614.

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