Monday, April 11, 2011

Rahm as Mentor

Today's Chicago SunTimes had a great column by Neil Steinberg showing how Rahm Emanuel has had a potentially life-changing impact on a 13-year old inner city boy.

As you read this, please look at articles I've written that talk about helping more than 200,000 youth living in inner city neighborhoods connect with mentors and tutors like Rahm.

Then, look at the video below. Imagine how many more tutor/mentor programs would be available and how many more youth would connect with mentors like Rahm, if he and other leaders were using the Tutor/Mentor Connection strategy as their own.

See more ideas by reading the articles on this blog, or visiting the Tutor/Mentor Institute site and reading the essays we've posted.

While these ideas focus on Chicago, they can be applied by any leader, focusing on any city. Contact us. We'd like to be your partner.

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