Saturday, March 17, 2012

Writer? Publisher? Tell This Story.

Today I posted an essay title The Tutor/Mentor Business to my account. This was written in 1997 by Sara Coover Caldwell, who was one of the original founders of Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection.

When Sara wrote this in 1997 she also wrote a script for a TV show centered around what happens from August through May in a tutor/mentor program. Our goal was to expand the essay into a book and to use the TV show to build visibility for tutor/mentor programs and raise funds to support our efforts as well as those of other programs in Chicago.

I also posted a second essay, talking about the network-building that I continue to do through the current Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC structure. In this essay I show how connecting networks using maps, links libraries, conferences and on-line communities can increase the power of people around the world who are trying to give a voice to youth who have no political power in this world.

After you read the Tutor/Mentor Business I hope you'll also read the Network Building story.

On the final page I point to this blog and other places where part of this story is available on line. However, it's not yet compiled in a book, or in a course outline being taught at some university. We still don't have the TV show, even though we do now have a Tutor/Mentor Institute YouTube channel.

If you'd like to be the writer, producer, publisher or benefactor who helps me compile this information into book form, or in a TV series, just introduce yourself and join the network.

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