Thursday, May 03, 2012

Lost Knowledge. One of challenges of helping kids to careers

I use graphics like the one below to illustrate the long-term work required to help kids born of living in high poverty neighborhoods move through school and into jobs and careers. I use other graphics to illustrate that many leaders in every sector need to share ownership of this goal and that maps need to be used to assure that programs, dollars, volunteers and other resources need to be distributed to every neighborhood where kids live in poverty, have high drop out rates, and/or are victims of poverty.

I've aggregated a collection of links pointing to blog articles, research and white papers written by experts
. One group I've pointed to often is Public/Private Ventures. I just learned that they will be going out of business due to lack of funding. That's a shame because the reports they've provided offer tremendous insight into challenges and solutions.

Here is one of the discussion where I've pointed to P/PV articles.

* Mentoring as part of large strategy -

One of the problems with writing a blog like mine and pointing to stories on media and research center web sites is that over a period of years the links erode because the stories no longer are found in the same places and/or the organization creating the information no longer exists or has created a new web site.

I'm sorry to see the demise of P/PV, but I have even greater concern for how we'll all stay connected to the ideas they have shared for so many years. Even if I learn where the information will be hosted, it's not practical to dig back through all of the articles I've written to update my links.

How do you handle this problem? Is there a solution?

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