Thursday, August 27, 2009

10,000 retail stores to close in coming year

I saw an article in a business publication saying that 10,000 retail stores are expected to close in the coming year.

This means these stores have not been able to attract enough shoppers to sell enough goods and services to cover their expenses. It means lots of people will be without jobs, and valuable retail services may be gone in many communities.

If you apply that thinking to Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection, and similar small non profits who must attract donors every day to help pay the bills, how many of us do you think will disappear in the coming year?

If we go out of business we put people out of work, but more importantly, we break the connection of hope and opportunity we've created with the inner-city kids that we work with. TRUST is one of the most important assets of any business, or of any tutor/mentor programs. If we can't continue our programs, we break the promise we've made to these kids, to help them through school and into their adult lives.

Of course, not every tutoring and/or mentoring program has such a long-term vision, but we all connect kids and volunteers in various ways. If we cannot attract "paying customers" we'll be joining our retail brothers and sisters in the coming year.

A lot of people involved with non-profits don't enjoy asking for money. But if you don't want this to happen, people need to be reaching out to friends, family, co-workers, frat brothers, and asking for donations for their favorite tutor/mentor program.

So, why not make a donation today to Cabrini Connections, or another tutor/mentor program, today.

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