Friday, August 07, 2009

Congratulations to Judge Sotomayor

I encourage you to read the commentary in the Chicago SunTimes and the Chicago Tribune, showing the many perspectives and experiences Judge Sotomayor will bring to the Supreme Court.

I'm pleased with this appointment because it provides one more role model for youth living in high poverty and minority neighborhoods to aspire to. In fact, it's an example for all youth in America.

Sotomayor's success shows that hard work can pay off. Kids need to learn that. Role models need to model this message over and over.

The goal of programs like Cabrini Connections is to connect kids in poverty, who don't have these success mentors in their family, neighborhood, church or school, with volunteers mentors who have a history of success in work, education, and life.

If you can be a mentor, or can provide financial support to a program like Cabrini Connections, so others can be mentors, act now so that as school starts more kids will have role models helping to create the next Obama, or Sotomayor.

Read the program profiles on Nicole's blog to see other programs beyond Cabrini Connections where your involvement is needed.

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