Thursday, August 20, 2009

Volunteer Rollerblading to DC to raise money for mentoring program

Gary Walters is one of those extra-special volunteers that we really need in every tutor/mentor program. He's now rollerblading from Brainerd, MN to Washington DC to raise awareness for Kinship mentoring, a program in the Minneapolis area.

We've our own heroes. Nicole White and Nick Infusino are running in the Chicago Marathon, and asking friends and family to make donations to Cabrini Connections for each mile they run. They've already raised close to $500.

Mike Trakin and I have launched another marathon, or "map-a-thon" aimed at raising money to fund the map-making that we do at the Tutor/Mentor Connection. This just launched and Mike and I have each put $25 in. We hope others will match our gifts, or even exceed them. Our goal is to raise $5,000 by October 15.

With the economy having such a devastating impact on non profits, it's great to see people like Gary step forward to try to raise money for their cause. We hope others will do the same.

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