Friday, February 05, 2010

Too much to do, too little time

I can't believe I've not posted anything this week. I've not been on vacation. What I have been doing is create some new images to help illustrate our goals, work with interns to help them communicate our messages, and reach out through our networks to find donors to fund my organization, as well as all other tutor/mentor programs in the city.
Let me give you a brief tour. I hope you'll follow the links I'm pointing to.

First, a reminder of why we do what we do. This is not headline from this week's Chicago Tribune. It is from 1994. Not much has changes since then to help city kids because few people are following a master plan, that would put programs and resources in city neighborhoods with the highest poverty, that could influence what happens in non-school hours to influence how kids move through school and into jobs.

This is one of many graphics I use to show that I believe the companies that are looking for workers and customers should be providing the leadership, and research, that engages more people from their industries in birth to work strategies that reach kids in schools, and in non school programs.

This is a graphic I've posted on this blog many times in the past. It illustrates the role of individuals, and organizations, who can mobilize people to be volunteers and donors in programs all over the Chicago region, not just in one or two well-known locations.

The next graphic is the first slide in an animated project being created by Jawon Koo, and intern from IIT and Korea, who is working with T/MC. This is a flash animation, with a recorded narration. Jawon did not know how to create one of these three weeks ago. Thus, he first had to learn about flash, then figure out how to interpret the idea, then find a way to write a script and record it. You can see follow his work on our ning page.

The next graphic is a another project being developed by our second IIT intern, Eunson Lee. He also had to learn flash in order to create this project. Follow his work here.

Jawon and Eunson are just two new interns working with us. We have four interns from Loyola University. Follow Jordan, E Wilson, Emily, and Jonathon as they help communicate the ideas we're developing.

While I work to create an infrastructure that would help every tutor/mentor program in the Chicago region get the consistent resources each needs to grow from Good to Great, I also continue to support that process at Cabrini Connections. We launched a Cabrini Madness fund raising competition this week, and already donors are responding to appeals from teams of students, volunteers, friends and staff. The logo shown here was created by student in our Technology Club, who have been creating graphics for each of our events since last November.

It's been a busy week.

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