Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Student Video Supports Two Non Profits

This is a video created by Cabrini Connections film makers and members Shaquille Strauther, Melissa Young and Ashaunti Roby, who wrote, produced, edited and directed this video to promote their upcoming fundraiser this Saturday 2/27/10 from 4pm-7pm at the Green Heart Shop .

Buy tickets here to come to this fun event and support Cabrini Connections:

The video not only supports the Cabrini Madness fund raising effort of this team, but also tells of the work being done by the Green Heart Shop ()1911 W. Division St. in Chicago, which is another non profit group that is hosting the fund raising event.

This video demonstrates that workplace volunteers, working with inner city kids, can teach skills that they youth apply in their own service to others. These are skills that can lead these teens to part time jobs as they go through high school, and into jobs and careers.

However, without the investment of donor dollars, programs like Cabrini Connections can not make such extra learning available for these teens. I hope you'll help by attending the fund raiser Saturday, or by supporting The Awesomes in the Cabrini Madness campaign.

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