Friday, February 26, 2010

Strategy Maps - helping kids to careers

This is a graphic I use often in this blog, and in the Theory of Change page on the Cabrini Connections web site. It conveys a lot of information, but I'm not sure how many people can really look at this, and understand what messages it is communicating.

When I'm able to sit with someone and explain this concept it might make more sense (I hope) but I am not able to meet with all of the people in Chicago or around the country who need to understand and embrace this concept in their own strategic uses of time, talent and dollars.

Thus, I'm constantly looking for people to help me communicate these ideas in different ways. Below is a screen shot from a new flash animated created by Jawon Koo, an intern from IIT who has been at Cabrini Connections since late January.

You can play this here.

In the photos and blogs on the Cabrini Connections web site, and on those of other tutor/mentor programs in Chicago, you can see volunteers connecting with youth. In some cases they are working with art, technology, or video. Thus the volunteers are transferring work skills to the kids. They are also expanding the network of people who will help the kids reach life goals.

The volunteers are also expanding their own networks at the same time. Thus, if a business encourages volunteer involvement in a tutor/mentor program, as part of their own workforce development strategies, they help pull kids from first grade to a job, while expanding the skills and networks of their own employees. This "Managing the 21st Century Organization" article illustrates why this is so important.

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