Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day To All our Volunteers and Students

This photo was taken more than 30 years ago. Yet it still symbolizes what Cabrini Connections, and volunteer-based tutoring/mentoring, is all about. These are two kids who were part of the Montgomery Ward/Cabrini Green Tutoring Program which I joined in 1973. I became its leader in 1975. I was the primary photographer for the next 20 years.

What's great about this photo is that is shows the "love" that was represented in this program, and can still be found in Cabrini Connections. It's love that connects kids living in poverty with adults who don't live in poverty.

If we're going to close the economic and social gaps in this country, there needs to be more connections like this.

However, this picture stands for more. It is one of many that we've posted on a new Cabrini Connections Alumni web site, where we are re-connecting many of the alumni that we've met on Facebook, with each other, and many of our former volunteers.

In this web site the write says "It's all about your network". Kids in poverty don't have the same network to open doors for them that is available to kids in more affluent areas. This problem continues into adult lives.

Thus, if Cabrini Connections can create a web hub connecting people across forty years of tutoring/mentoring, we can create a network that can help people with the challenges of adult lives.

If you believe in this, why not become a sponsor and donor to help us continue to build and maintain these connections.

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