Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hail Mary needed to win game!

Any football fan knows what a "Hail Mary" pass is. It's a last minute throw into the end-zone to score a game winning touchdown. That's what Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection needs right now to help us stay in the game of tutoring/mentoring. Our finances are low and we're "stretching the field" to find leaders who want the same results we want, and are willing to put their time, talent and dollars into making it happen.

Read El Da'Sheon Nix's Hail Mary blog article and see if you can become a receiver, or a Quarterback.

What do we mean by leaders? I encourage you to read this article on Catalytic Philanthropy, and then read this article on Role of Leaders, created by the T/MC many years ago.

We and other volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs won't need Hail Mary passes to stay alive when more people in business, philanthropy, government, religion and higher education take on the leadership roles described in these articles.

As that happens, we hope you'll value the Tutor/Mentor Connection as a resource, and an innovator, that you'd want to have included in your learning, brainstorming and strategic thinking.

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