Monday, September 07, 2009

Charity work. A Labor of Love

In a recent article, Larry James, President and CEO for Central Dallas Ministries, writes, "Recently, a good friend pointed out the hard, but obvious, truth that every non-profit must almost completely recapitalize itself every year in order to carry on its work. Take it from me, that is a tall order."

He goes on to say, Those who work among "the poor" long enough and with enough "success" sooner or later recognize the need to influence and adjust the systemic forces that contribute to the creation of poverty and to the conditions that keep people living with less than they really require.

If we want to keep putting band aids on these problems, we'll still be doing this fifty years from now. If we want more in-depth solutions, we need more consistent, flexible investment from the people who have the resources, and who want to see a different future.

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