Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No. I did not win a MacArthur Award. But.....

I encourage you to read this article, posted today on a PCWORLD blog. It profiles a list of people who Phil things are deserving of the MacArthur Genius Award.

The first name on the list is me, Daniel F. Bassill.

I've known Phil for a long time. I met him through the networking and information sharing I've done on the Internet since 1998 when I was first introduced to the web. I was honored when he first suggested to me that he was going to write this article. I thank him for taking the time to recognize myself, and others, for the work we're doing.

This type of network building is really the core concept of the Tutor/Mentor Connection strategy. As more and more people look at the information on our site, or become involved with youth via their own tutor/mentor program roles, the can all reach out to people in their own networks with stories of what they do, and what is happening in other tutor/mentor programs. If enough people do this every day, we'll all have the resources we each need to earn praise from people like Phil and awards from foundations like the MacArthur Foundation.

However, we've not won the award. You can change that if you share this article with enough people. Or, we won't need the award, if others read Phil's article and decide that they want to be the benefactor that supports our innovations.

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