Thursday, September 10, 2009

College Bound, No Doubt About That.

At Cabrini Connections, and hundreds of other places in Chicago and other cities, volunteer and student orientations are being held this week, and during the rest of this month, helping new and returning members get set for another year of tutoring/mentoring.

I hope that you'll take a look at this video, created by teens and volunteers at Cabrini Connections. It summarizes our goal: "College bound, no doubt about that." Some of the students who created this have now finished college. Others are still trying to find help, but now they may be starting their own families, too.

While we have a great turnout of volunteers, the glue that keeps this program together are the few people who serve as paid staff. Without finding the dollars to attract and reward these leaders, there is little year-to-year continuity in these programs. Without finding dollars for insurance, background checks, rent, there is no space to meet.

While we seek grants, and we are reaching out for donations (see list of recent donors), this is the time of year when workplace fund raising campaigns are kicking off in companies and public institutions, such as Chicago Public Schools.

Payroll giving allows someone to have a small amount taken from their pay check each week, which is then forwarded to the charity they designate. A $1 a week can add up to $52 a year. Once people begin to give through the workplace, most keep giving. Thus, this can be a consistent source of revenue for a non profit.

Some companies allow associates to designate where their donation goes. Abbot Labs, Allstate, Microsoft and Sargent Lundy are a few companies where employees have been choosing Cabrini Connections. If you know people working at these companies, show them our video, and encourage them to select Cabrini Connections this year.

On the other hand, most public institutions and companies use the Combined Federal Campaign, and the United Way Campaign. Cabrini Connections is listed with the Black United Fund of Illinois in the campaigns they organize and the Tutor/Mentor Connection is listed with Community Shares of Illinois in their campaign.

If you work at one of the places where these campaigns take place, gather a few associates and show the videos we have on our web sites. If you're a volunteer, or an alumni, tell people of your role. You can help us raise the money needed to support what happens at Cabrini Connections, just by encouraging others to give through workplace campaigns.

If you're in another non profit, you can be doing the same thing we're doing. Ask your volunteers and your students to evangelize the work you are doing so you are not staved for the dollars you need to keep doing it.


Unknown said...

Three Magic Words
That Triple the Size of Workplace Giving Gifts

For any non-profits who are reading this and taking the good advice about participating in workplace giving campaigns, there are three magic words that will triple the size of gifts to your non-profit.

My expertise is with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) where 97% percent of the gifts are to designated charities. In the messages to your current and future CFC supporters, the three magic words to use are the last three: "Thank you for gift through payroll deduction." The same giver who give write a check for $100, will give $10 per paycheck. For civilian employees there are 26 pay periods, so the total gift of unrestricted, reliable and predictable funds is $260.


Bill Huddleston

Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Thanks Bill,

I hope you'll take a moment to write an article to post on the web site.

In addition, if you are available, take part in the conferences we host in May and November. See details at

We can work together to educate more people, and hopefully involve more people, in efforts that support volunteer service, with workplace fund raising.