Friday, September 18, 2009

From Simplistic Thinking to Embracing Complexity

We're in a war against poverty. But we're not using all the tools and knowledge that is available to us to win this war. Below is one of many graphics I've created to stimulate thinking and involvement by many people, in many places, in long term strategies that lead kids from a birth in poverty to the beginning stages of jobs and careers by age 25.

I struggle to explain the role of the Tutor/Mentor Connection, and to find flexible operating dollars to support your role. My solution is to point to articles that others have written that help people understand these concepts. Our challenge is to motivate decision makers to find time to read and reflect on these.

I encourage you to read through this one.

This is an article from a blog titled "How to Save the World".

The writer, Dave Pollard, lists ten things to remember about complex adaptive systems (which include all social and ecological systems). Think of the role of the T/MC as an information resource, network builder, and mentor to you and others as you read this list.

The T/MC does not seek to be the leader, with everyone following us. We seek to be a platform supporting the decentralized leadership and involvement of leaders throughout the Chicago region, the USA, and the world.

If these ideas resonate with you, and you want to see kids move more successfully through school to careers, I hope you'll provide time, talent and dollars to help us, and that you'll apply these ideas in your own leadership, where ever you are.

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