Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm a proud "tutor/mentor papa"

I first started volunteering as a tutor in 1973. The first, and only, student that I've ever been matched with was Leo Hall, who was in 4th grade at that time. We have been connected to each other ever since.

He just sent me this newspaper article, showing that he was in Elgin to judge a film festival this weekend. The article talks about a movie he made about the murder of a homeless girl from Elgin. He used Cabrini Connections space a couple of years ago when he was doing the casting for the movie.

I'm proud of you Leo. I hope you win an Oscar some day.

How about some of you making a donation to recognize the 35 years that Leo and I have been connected because of the tutor/mentor program started at Montgomery Ward back in 1965.

This was Leo and me around 1974.

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