Saturday, April 09, 2005

First connection

I've been taking a look at the blogging community in the past week and feel that this is a great format for creating on-going dialog about volunteering, community service, civic engagement and tutoring/mentoring. Most blogs only connect to other bloggers. I'm looking to create a blogging space that links to the T/MC web sites, so that as people talk about tutoring/mentoring, we can use maps, charts and other web links to show them where, why and how they can be involved.

If we can create a space for this on a T/MC web site we can be a hub for bloggers throughout the world to connect, link, and increase awareness of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and the work we do.

On April 18 I'll be co-hosting an online learning and collaboration forum at During May 6 to 10 and the week of May 23 we'll be putting these concepts into action. I hope you'll log into one or more of these forums and share your ideas. I hope you'll also encourage others in your network to check in. You can learn about the conferences at

If you're not a blogger, maybe you visit blogger sites or know people who blog. Try to spread the word. I'll look forward to hearing form any of you who have ideas about this.

Dan Bassill

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