Thursday, October 05, 2006

Learning about poverty, and how mentoring can help youth reach careers

The LINKS library at is now fully operational again, after a month of rebuilding that was done after hackers caused us to move to a new hosting site. I hope you'll take a look.

The aim of this library is to help leaders, volunteers, donors, youth and parents find information that they want, when they want it.

For students, this can help them with homework, help them explore career goals, or connect with peers around the world.

For program leaders and donors, the links can be used to benchmark what one program is doing against what others do to solve the same problem. If the donor and the non profit are looking at the same information, and the donor is committed to helping kids in the zip code where they program is located. this shared understanding of what ideas would help improve a program should result in the donor providing the funds for the program to do the work of adding this new idea.

The LINKS also provide in-depth information that helps everyone understand the challenges of poverty, and see the opportunities to help youth reach their full potential.

There is a lot of information on this web site. However, poverty is a very complex issue, and affects millions of people in the US and around the world. Solutions cannot be achieved by a few minutes of learning. It takes many years of learning, just like getting a college degree and a PdD takes four to 8 years of work.

Thus, we hope you not only return to this site often, but that you add new links, rate the links, and discuss the information you find in this discussion forum.

In this way we share the work of helping people find and use information that can lead youth out of poverty and to careers.

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