Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blog Exchanges Connecting Stakeholders

I added the Give & Take Blog from the Chronicle of Philanthropy to my list of links today. Because of the visibility the publication received, I think it will be a resource used by many people. Hopefully, it can connect donors and non profit leaders in discussions of how they merge their talents to archive long-term goals.

I also added a link to a blog exchange strategy and the new conference web site. While the Chronicle of Philanthropy has links to non profit and philanthropy experts, I've yet to find a listing of bloggers who focus on volunteerism, tutoring/mentoring, education to careers, and the business and private philanthropy needed to support such programs in many places.

While I have many links to organizations who are involved with this work, the goal of the Tutor/Mentor Blog Exchange, and the conference, is to get these people to exchange ideas and interact with each other.

If you blog this topic, I hope you'll join us in May/June 2007.

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