Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mapping the Tutor/Mentor Connection Strategy

For several years I've been trying to find ways to more clearly illustrate the actions and strategies of the Tutor/Mentor Connection. Over the past two years, with the help of volunteers from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis IUPUI, and our own eLearning and Technology Coordinator, Ariane Lee, and many volunteers, we've greatly improved the way our Cabrini Connections, Conference, and Tutor/Mentor Connection web sites communicate our goals.

This week we've added another layer of information, which I believe will help more people understand what we're trying to do, and find the information they are looking for when they visit our sites. I encourage you to take some time to receive these concept maps, and consider using them to fuel your own leadership of a tutor/mentor strategy from your business or church, or in your community.

Here are a few sections to look at:

T/MC overview

Four part strategy

Strategy Details

Tutor/Mentor Learning Network

What you'll find in the Links Library

Program Locator

We're still working on these and will continue to update them as we learn new strategies or add new information to the web site. However, we hope you find these useful and that they help guide you in your own thinking.

There's lots that needs to be done if more inner city youth are to be connected to tutors/mentors in comprehensive, long-term programs that mentor these kids to jobs and careers. Creating a blueprint to guild actions is an important step.

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