Monday, July 23, 2007

Cabrini Connections teens create videos that tell story

What's the difference between tutoring, mentoring and a tutor/mentor program? At one you may get homework help, and even sophisticated academic support (if you can afford it). At the other you may make a friend for life.

At a well organized, volunteer-based tutor/mentor program you might get both of these (but not a high priced professional tutors). You'll also get to participate in a variety of learning and enrichment activities.

These are some of the learning activities offered by Cabrini Connections between 1993 and 2011

At Cabrini Connections youth participate in writing, video, technology and college and career activities. Some of the videos our teens have created are now on-line. Some of our interns and volunteers are now creating blogs that tell the stories of our different learning activities. At the Cabrini Blog you can find links to some of these.

In the Tutor/Mentor Institute, one of our interns has converted some of our PDF essays into a flash presentation, showing more of our ideas. This is another example of how young people can use their talent to help non profits reach out for business and foundation support. These presentations are intended to help you understand our concept of a tutor/mentor program, and our vision of a support strategy that would make programs like Cabrini Connections available in many neighborhoods, not just a few.

I encourage you to visit these sites and view the videos and blogs. A picture will begin to emerge of a tutor/mentor program as an enriched learning community, only available to high poverty kids through programs like Cabrini Connections.

If you value these types of programs, please help us raise the money needed to operate them. If you'd like to apply these ideas in your own program, or in your own community, please show then to others who might support you, and help you.

School is starting in a few weeks. Get involved with your time, talent and dollars to help these programs grow.

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