Monday, August 13, 2007

Mapping a Strategy to Expand Tutor/Mentor Programs In South Suburbs of Chicago

This maps shows a 12 mile radius around the Olympia Fields Country Club in the Southeast part of the Chicago region. It indicates areas of poverty concentrations from 5 to 40%, and shows locations of poorly performing public schools in Illinois (we don't have this info for NW Indiana yet).

If you search the Tutor/Mentor Links Library or Tutor/Mentor Chicago Program Locator, you won't find many volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in the area this map highlights. This either means we don't know about them, or they don't exist.

If there are programs that are not in our database, you can email and we'll show you how to add a program. As school is starting over the next few weeks, being listed will help you attract volunteers and will help parents, teachers and social workers find programs where they can enroll kids. We also hope that business and philanthropy leaders will use this information to develop funding strategies that support multiple programs throughout this regions.

If there are only a few programs, and we think this is the case, we invite you to gather in November for the next Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference, where you can meet leaders of programs, network with others who are trying to start programs, and connect your business and church volunteer strategy with a strategy that helps build more and better tutor/mentor programs in this region.

Research shows that connecting youth in long-term mentor relationships with caring adults can make a difference, however, without places where kids and volunteers can meet, and resources to support this process, too many kids will grow up without this type of support.

You can make a difference. Get involved. Get your company, fraternity, college, hospital or law firm involved.

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