Friday, November 21, 2008

Tutor/Mentor Conference, Today in Chicago

Today the Tutor/Mentor Connection is hosting its 30th Leadership and Networking Conference since May 1994. Why are we doing this?

When we surveyed programs in spring 1994 more than 50% said they had "little or no contact" with peers. 70% said they wanted more. 90% said they would come to a conference.

The first attracted 70 people and that's when we published our first Directory listing tutor/mentor programs in Chicago. The reception was so great that we did the conference again in November 1994 and 200 people attended. We've been doing this every six months since then.

The purpose is not just networking. It is public awareness. The conference is part of an advertising campaign aimed at drawing volunteers and operating dollars to all tutor/mentor programs, based on the believe that connecting kids with inner city neighborhoods with adults who can model jobs and careers and help build aspirations is a good thing.

Most people can't be here today for this conference. Thus we hope you'll join us on line. Connect through blogs,or online forums. We want to learn from you and we want to help you learn from the rest of us.

Together we need to find ways to attract more consistent donor dollars, build leadership staff who can work with kids, volunteers, schools, and multiple donor demands, and find ways to link our programs to the workforce development goals of businesses and hospitals.

I'm off to the conference now. I hope to connect with you soon.

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