Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Create Virtual Events during Inauguration Week

There will be millions of people trying to get the attention of the new administration and many are paying thousands of dollars to attend one of the events in Washington on January 20, 2009.

It's almost impossible to get attention in such a crowd. It's even more difficult to get your message across. Why not try a different strategy. If you write a blog article about how the Obama administration can help your organization help kids, and link it to others doing the same thing, you can contribute to a splash of public attention that draws people from the inauguration celebration and all of the policy forums to what you and others have to say about how public and private leaders can help you do your work.

So, write an article anytime during the week of the inauguration and if you put a link in your article to this blog, you can add your link in a list I'm building on the T/MC web site.

Or you can post your blog link (and article) on our Ning page . If we can build a blog action list in many place, linking them all together in web hubs, like the T/MC Links library we can make our own light shine brighter, and perhaps capture some of this attention for our own efforts.

I can't be in DC and don't want to be one of a hundred, or a thousand faces in a crowd in Chicago. Yet I want people to hear my message, reflect on it, then act on it. You do too, don't you! So write a blog article that connects public policy, private sector involvement and the work you do to help kids in poverty have a ladder of support that makes it possible for more of them to be a leader in business, education and government in the future.

Let's see what kind of noise we can make. Write your blogs. Share your links.

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