Thursday, March 05, 2009

Team Work

On his Cabrini Connections Blog, El Da'Sheon Nix used a football anology to describe how we're building a team of volunteers, students and donors to help the youth at Cabrini Connections move through school and toward college and careers.

On the same blog site, you can find links to blogs written by Chris and Vjeko, both of Cabrini Connections. On this blog you can find blogs written by Nicole and Mike, both with the Tutor/Mentor Connection.

On this blog, and on the T/MC site you find a list of other sites where I actively network, and an even large list of blog sites that I post on our site because I think they have great information. I wish I had 72 hours in the day to read, reflect and comment on each of these.

All of these groups represent a "virtual team" of people who have ideas about how to help kids living in poverty, or who are showing ways that we can work together to help tutor/mentor programs operate in high poverty neighborhoods throughout Chicago.

All of this information represents a "learning library" that any of us can draw from at any time, and on an ongoing basis, to support our own thinking and the way we act to help kids in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods have pipelines of support that lead them to college and careers.

On the Cabrini Fund Raising blog we show how other members of the team are helping raise money for us to do this work. I hope you'll contribute to this part of the team as well as all other parts if you can.

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