Friday, July 17, 2009

Golf Benefit Brings togehter current and former students, volunteers and donors

We held our annual golf benefit yesterday, and despite the economy, we had 97 golfers and more than 120 for the dinner. Included were some of our current students, and Tangela Smith Marlow, who graduated in 1997. Also in attendance was Chris Dowdle, who was Tangela's mentor for many years.

My role in the golf benefit, which started in 1995, is to be the organizer and administrator. I like golf, but don't play any more because of health issues. The main one being, I can't see where the ball goes once I hit it (if I hit it)!

So I go around the course on a cart and visit with golfers, and make sure our volunteers are having a good time, then I set up the silent auction and the dinner.

Yesterday was different because I started to get severe chills about 4pm and by 6pm I could not hold a glass of water because my hand was shaking so much. Since we had so many leaders at the event, I decided to go home.

Of course, no one would let me drive by myself, so Tangela and her friend offered to drive me home. I really appreciated that because it turns out I had a fever of 103. However, more than that, for 3 or more years while Tangi was in high school, and living on the West side of Chicago, I drover her and her siblings home after tutoring every week.

Thus, I took care of her when she was young, and she took care of me now that she is an adult.

This is what Cabrini Connections is all about. It's an anchor in the lives of kids and volunteers. If donors will provide the money to keep us in operation, we can continue to be a connection point for youth and volunteers from past years, and for youth and volunteers going through the program now.

We need these donations. Please send a contribution to Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection, 800 W. Huron, Chicago, Il.60642

We're a 501 C 3, with FEIN 36-3893431

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