Monday, August 31, 2009

What Kind of World Are we Living In?

I received this message this morning:

Possibly motive behind killing on 88th & King Drive on Sunday morning (15 JUN 2008, 0435 hours)of a 23 year old man w/family who ran out of gas.

I've gotten info from a very reliable source (business acquaintance of mine that works quite a bit with the Chicago police) that the 'car bump' gang initiations are beginning again in Chicago and may, in fact, spill over into the suburbs, as well. What happens is that, the wanna-be gang members will bump into the back of your car and if they can get the driver to step out of the car, that's the driver they decide to blow away right there on the spot; thereby, earning their way into the gang.

So, if any young men or women rear end you, just take down their license plate and go to the police to file a report -- do not get out of or stop your car or even react -- just keep going. Please let everybody you know (men and women) about this.


I read this in the Chicago Tribune:

Chicago State gets $40 million surprise
State lawmakers plan funding for a West Side campus that the struggling school didn't request


Spending $40 million for a campus expansion that was not requested while youth programs struggle to find a few bucks to pay the rent and weekly payroll. What gives?

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