Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving... or Else

This is another graphic created by students in the Cabrini Connections tech club. Working with volunteers they are learning uses of technology to communicate ideas. This idea makes the Turkey the boss on this holiday!

I encourage all of the staff and as many volunteers as possible to write blogs about what our purpose is, and what we do each week to help kids connect with tutors/mentors and extra learning. As each person writes, they build their own understanding of the mission and goals, and their own leadership role. They also attract visitors from their own networks.

Thus, you can read the blogs of our past three Northwestern University Public Interest Fellowship staffers here, here and here. You can read El DaSheon Nix's sports concepts here.

You can follow the arts and writing clubs, video club and tech clob.

You can read Mikes Mapping for Justice blogs. You can also meet some of our Interns from IIT, Michigan and Indiana.

While not everyone will read every blog, every week, we hope a growing number of people will find one of the blogs and start reading, and that they will invite others in their own network to join in.

This is a strategy for building a network of purpose. As you read this, I encourage you to start your own blog and add your own thoughts.

There is one more blog I hope you'll read. It's our fund raising blog. Please help us find the dollars it takes to do this work, so this Turkey won't be coming to your home.

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