Wednesday, December 09, 2009

State of Funding for Tutor/Mentor Programs

Jill Zimmerman, a Vice President with The Alford Group, was a featured speaker at the November Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference. She talked about The State of Funding for Tutoring and Mentoring Programs and Non-Profits. The presentation is now available on-line.

Mike Trakan created this map to show organizations that attended the conference, and what neighborhoods of the Chicago region they were from. The Attendee List on the conference web site enables you to contact these organizations. The Program Locator enables you to visit their web sites (if they have one).

We can change the fund raising picture for every one of the non profits who attended the conference if we can increase the number of people who reach out to provide big and small donations during the month of December, and in 2010.

If you want the same goals we want, which are expressed in this "Ready by 21" web site, and in the T/MC mission statement, then I encourage you to reach out and encourage people you know to become the donors and benefactors these programs need.

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