Friday, March 05, 2010

Expanding the network - Role of Interns

Below is a screenshot taken from a new flash animation launched today. It was created in one week, by a graduate student from the University of Michigan's Alternative Spring Break Program.

Click this link to view the presentation. As you click each circle, you will go around the cycle four times, showing how a volunteer who joins a tutor/mentor program today, might be a leader mobilizing others, in a few years.

We apply this thinking at Cabrini Connections. Imagine if there were fifty or more programs in Chicago, Houston, LA, NYC and other big cities, each building volunteer involvement this way.

What's special, is that this project was created by Li Li, a graduate student from the University of Michigan. She was part of a one-week Alternative Spring Break Program. She read this blog article, then interpreted it in here presentation.

Furthermore, this is not just some classroom exercise. Li Li's presentation is now in the list of articles that we share in the Tutor/Mentor Institute. Anyone in the world can now look at this and apply these ideas to their own work.

Li Li is one of a growing number of interns who are coming to the Tutor/Mentor Connection to create new interpretations of ideas we've posted on the web site for many years.

If you and your college, or high school, would like to become part of this process, just introduce yourself here, or on our Tutor/Mentor Connection site.

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