Saturday, June 05, 2010

Network Mentoring Model - Conference Ideas

This is one photo taken during the May Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference. See the album here.

In this photo, Bill Curry, Chief Operations Officer, Breakthrough Urban Ministries, is describing The Breakthrough Network Model which suggests an innovative approach to growing mentoring relationships among a community of students and community of volunteers.

View Video showing the Breakthrough Model

View PDF of this presentation

In the coming two weeks I'll profile more of the speakers from the conference and point to their presentations and web sites. You can see the entire agenda here.

By doing this I'm demonstrating a leadership role that thousands of people, who are not directly involved with any single tutor/mentor program, can take to help people become supporters of different programs, or to borrow ideas from one program to apply to many other places.

This is a network-building role that Tutor/Mentor Connection has taken since being formed in 1993. When you point your friends and business partners to tutor/mentor programs, point them to intermediaries like the T/MC, too. In this economy we all need help finding donors and sponsors.

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