Sunday, August 22, 2010

Many voices. Common goal.

In today's Chicago Tribune, three pages were devoted to telling the stories of 303 shootings in Chicago during July 2010. These are tragic stories and are certain to capture reader attention.

While the Tribune team of writers, editors, web site designers, etc. were assembling the Sunday Paper, I was in Indianapolis sharing some of my ideas for creating community collaborations and non-school tutor/mentor programs, that might help prevent such violens. Here's the presentation that I delivered.

However, while I was in Indiana, the Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection team was putting together their own stories. El Nix wrote about "The Big Score" in one of his comparisons of a tutor/mentor program to a college or professional football team. Karina Walker compared the T/MC to Henry Ford's assembly line. Bradley Troast talked of how universities can partner with tutor/mentor programs.

At the same time, Mike Trakan kept spreading the word about the August 29 Tutor/Mentor Jam Concert in Chicago.

We don't have the distribution of the Tribune, but our stories focus on actions and ideas that can help Chicago be a better place to live. I hope you'll read these and pass them on to friends.

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