Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Coaching Clinic - the Tutor/Mentor way

With the college football season starting this week, and the NFL starting the following week, most of the work of preparing for the season is in the final stages. It's time to put the team on the field and see who wins.

I encourage you to read the Coaching Clinic article that El Da'Sheon Nix, Administrative Coordinator, and Head Coach, of the Cabrini Connections tutor/mentor program, wrote this week. He compares the work he is doing with our volunteers, to the coaching clinics that college, professional and high school coaches attend each year, to learn new ways to make their teams successful.

The graphic on this page shows the organizations who participated in the May 2008 tutor/mentor leadership and networking conference. This is a "coaching clinic" for leaders of tutor/mentor programs in Chicago and other cities. It serves the same purpose as the sports clinics. It's aim is to help every program get better, and every city have a better distribution of programs.

Sports teams have wealthy owners, and wealthy boosters. They have millions of fans to buy tickets and sports merchandise. Tutor/Mentor programs don't have that fan base, nor do they have wealthy investors. Yet, the team they put on the field is critically important to the business owners who invest in sports teams, and to Democracy in America.

We're looking for investors to help us offer the Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conferences. If you value what sports clinics do for your favorite football team, help us offer this type of support to tutor/mentor programs in Chicago and other cities.

If you'd like to follow our progress on mapping the network being created by the Tutor/Mentor Connection, visit this site.

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