Friday, December 03, 2010

Prayer goes with Holiday Mail

This week I and my small staff and volunteers put stamps and labels on about 1500 letters which we’re sending out to people on our mail list, appealing for holiday donations.

As I sealed the envelop on every one of the letters that I stuffed, I’ve said a short prayer..........

When you get this, please don’t throw it in the trash

When you read this, may which ever GOD you worship open your heart and mind to the message it contains

When you read about our work with inner city youth, may the Holy Spirit inspire you to visit and read letters written by our teens, such as the letter from a 10th grader who says

“Here at Cabrini Connections we are a family. We are always here for each other. To keep this going on for many years to come, I need you to donate to Cabrini Connections.”

May this message, and Divine Intervention, motivate you to an act of kindness and generosity, to respond to our appeal with a donation that reflects your own blessings in life.

Lord, hear my prayer.


I wonder how many other leaders of small non profits are saying the same prayer as they put letters in the mail asking for year-end donors to help them keep their doors open to serve the poor, feed the hungry, and nourish young minds with hope and opportunity.

If you’re a person who believes in the power of prayer, please add your prayer to mine and to that of others who are seeking year-end donations so that more people do open the mail, read the letters and respond with generous donations.

If you're really inspired, share our student letters with the congregation where you worship and ask them if they will help us.

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