Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Networ Building - On-Line Test Prep

The Tutor/Mentor Connection seeks to connect for profit and non profit organizations who are working to help kids in high poverty areas get more support to move through school and into careers.

There are many for-profit tutoring centers and some have asked to exchange links with me or to be listed in the T/MC web library.

I turn down most of these because it's a one-way street. If you visit the web site they don't do much to help volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs operate, and thus poor kids have a harder time getting their services.

I connected with one group called Parliament Schools recently and had a slightly different experience. My initial negative response led to a conversation, which resulted in being introduced to the Kids With a Promise Program in New York City.

I'm happy to write about business groups who are actively trying to help us build the Tutor/Mentor Network. I encourage you to visit the Parliament Schools web site to see how they have "recently launched the Parliament Scholars campaign to help prepare students with high-potential and financial need for the SAT & ACT exams."

There are many people in business doing things that support volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs. I'd like to find a partner who would help us aggregate information about these companies and create an annual award that might recognize the ones that are doing the most. If we can make this award visible and show what that company is doing, maybe we can show how others can do as well or better. On a year-to-year basis that could stimulate a growth of good practice in every industry.

Who wants to sponsor this idea?

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