Monday, June 13, 2011

Wouldn't he rather talk about something else?

After a bad game wouldn't it be great if LeBron had something else to talk to reporters about? This video was created by one of our interns. It suggests athletes could be advocates for tutor/mentor programs in different parts of the city where they play. This second video shows that they could be doing this strategically, and talking about how they support tutor/mentor programs when the microphone is in their face, rather than talking about the "bad game" that just ended. This pdf and this series of blog articles were the original material used to inspire the creation of these videos.These videos illustrate ways students in high school and colleges throughout the country could be creating training/motivational entertainment that might get the attention of athletes like LeBron and recruit them to take this role.

The result might be that athletes from every sport in a city were adopting different neighborhoods, and talking about ALL of the tutor/mentor programs in these neighborhoods and the way fans can support them as volunteers and donors.

Wouldn't that be more fun that talking about a bad game? All we need to make this a reality is for a few athletes to come forward as sponsors and partners, so new videos could be made with them as spokespersons.

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