Sunday, May 13, 2012

NATO, World Leaders, Urban Mayors

This is a video I created a year ago after Rahm Emanuel was elected. It shows leadership and strategy that needs to come from CEOs and civic leaders. While it focused on Chicago the reality is that every major city in the world has pockets of poverty where people are isolated from the opportunities of the rest of the city.

As long as you're in Chicago this week, perhaps you will want to take a look. I've not been invited by anyone from the Chicago Mayor's office to come in and talk about these ideas, so maybe someone in your city will want to invest some time in learning how you might apply them.

With the millions of dollars available to Mayors of big cities and corporate leaders, imagine how much more professional this video and others on the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC channel could be, if they were created by your production departments.

Or you could view the articles I've posted at to show strategies leaders could take. Any of these could be re-built as more creative and professional presentations, delivered by Mayors, CEOs, celebrities and/or faith leaders.

In fact, any of the over 1,000 articles I've written on this blog could be used as leadership sermons by people all over the world.

That's the goal. Many leaders need to be sharing these ideas every day so more people take time to read, reflect and then begin to use their own time, talent and dollars to solve some of the problems facing big cities.

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