Friday, November 23, 2012

Resources to Support Tutor/Mentor Program Growth

In late 1992 myself and six other volunteers decided to create a non-school, volunteer based tutor/mentor program to help Cabrini-Green area youth entering 7th grade get the consistent adult mentoring and learning support needed to help them finish high school six years later with momentum heading them to college and careers.

At the same time this group adopted a more ambitious goal (as if the first were not difficult enough!). We said, let's find a way to support the growth of mentor-rich programs in all parts of the Chicago region so that each program has a greater chance to succeed at the work they are doing. We named that the Tutor/Mentor Connection.

The presentation below shows resources that have been innovated in the years since then. Most are still a work in progress because of the lack of consistent or significant investment in this effort. This PDF shows the Decade of Challenges and accomplishments achieved despite of these.

Tutor/Mentor Institute - Resources to Support Collective Efforts

Despite challenges, including the creation of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC in July 2011 to continue this work, these resources are all in place and available to help youth programs in Chicago and to stimulate thinking in other cities.

As we head to the holiday season and 2013 I invite volunteers, business partners, universities and financial supporters to add your talent, time and resources to help these resources stay available in Chicago and grow in the impact they have.

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