Friday, December 21, 2012

New Year's Resolution for Helping At-Risk Youth

I've been sharing ideas and strategies on this blog for the past 7 years and via web sites since 1998. I was sending a print newsletter to nearly 10,000 people during the 1990s prior to learning to use the Internet. Not much has changed in our goals except the way we communicate.

Here's two articles I hope you'll read and share as you, your family, co-workers and friends begin to make resolutions for 2013.

Problem solving strategy . In order to solve a problem we should first collect as much information as we can that helps us understand the problem and shows us how others in different places are already working to solve the same problem.

Year round communications and leadership strategy. This blog article and the video below show ways to keep attention focused on the problem you are trying to solve so more people get involved and more resources are generated to support your efforts.

These are just two of hundreds of articles like these. If more people in business, philanthropy, media, politics, etc. take lead on these strategies, more people will become better informed, more involved, and at some point in the future our efforts will begin to have more collective impact on solving the problem we are focusing on.

In the year-round strategy I show May and November Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conferences. I've set the date of June 7, 2013 for the spring 2013 conference. It will be held at the Metcalfe Federal Building in Chicago. Now I need help organizing the event and help financing it. Visit the conference web site to read more. Become a sponsor and demonstrate your support for this strategy.

Happy Holidays and may 2013 be the year you embrace these ideas as your own!

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