Sunday, March 31, 2013

Did Jesus feel this way?

When Jesus was spreading his message did he understand how difficult it would be to change the hearts and habits of people throughout the world so everyone would have a sense of hope and opportunity? I'm not sure that was even his purpose, but I'm not writing with a goal of debating different religious history or philosophy.

I picked this graphic because it shows the heavy burden carried by anyone who works to provide hope and opportunity to oppressed people in the world, or who seeks to close the gaps between rich and poor, or reduce the greed and corruption in government and formal institutions of power.

It seems impossible, but many start out every day with this goal in mind.

I've written a blog article around EASTER Sunday every year since 2006. Just like scripture in the Bible or the Koran is over 2000 years old, it has a fresh message every time it is read. Thus, throughout the year I hope those who visit the Tutor/Mentor Institute blog will look back at messages, like these, posted in the past.

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