Thursday, June 19, 2014

Deeper Thinking about Strategic Philanthropy - Join in

There's been an interesting conversation about 'strategic philanthropy' taking place on Stanford Social Innovation Review, the Center for Effective Philanthropy and other places.

On Monday, June 16 I received a White Paper from the Donors Forum of Chicago, titled: "A Commitment to Full Cost Funding" which includes solid recommendations to funders that I hope readers will share.

I posted some ideas about how philanthropy can better support non profits here, and I've built a library showing challenges to non profits at this link.

If you believe in the value of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs and understand that long-term connections have the most impact, what keeps you from helping mobilize resources to support the on-going operations of programs in every part of the Chicago region? That's what Dan Cotter is doing with his weight lifting. He's been raising money to support tutor/mentor programs in Chicago for more than 10 years. He's not asking for metrics and outcome statements. He knows that without the operating funds, good programs cannot be available, and good programs cannot stay good.

For great programs to reach youth in more places, people in every sector need to be learning more about ways to help, and talking to other people about ways they can help.

See how Mark Carter is using his blog to engage his followers in this discussion. See how Betsey Merkel of I-Open in Ohio is using her blog to expand this discussion. If you do the same, you can help expand the network of people looking at this information, and acting consistently to help youth tutor/mentor programs grow in places where they are most needed.

If hundreds, or thousands, of resource providers reach out consistently to support constantly improving youth tutoring, mentoring and learning programs, they will reach youth in more places, and grow their impact, on youth, and the volunteers who get involved.

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Read the editorial in this Peer Resources newsletter about applying "best practice" in building effective mentoring programs. I'd like to see the conversation of program development and process improvement combined with discussions of consistent, flexible and full donor involvement.