Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Today's Chicago Tribune, page 3, shows uses of maps in violence prevention

Last week I posted an article telling of the story about ways to use maps that Dawn Turner of the Chicago Tribune had written. At that point the story was only available on the Internet version of the paper. Today the story is on page 3 of the first section of the Tribune. I've already received some email and calls offering congratulations. I'm hoping to receive calls offering help and partnership.

Also in today's Chicago Tribune, is a full page opinion article about the epidemic of gun violence, written by Catherine A. Humikowski, medical director of the pediatric intensive care unit at the University of Chicago.

Yesterday I participated in a webinar about #getgundata and #preventgunviolence hosted by Dialogue4Health, which is “ devoted to connecting the practice of public health with partners in other sectors who have the power to deeply influence health outcomes”. The speakers talked about the lack of research on violence, guns and related topics, which prevents the nation from developing fact-based solutions to this epidemic.

In response to the webinar, I posted an article on Medium, showing how I've been reaching out to hospitals and public health leaders for more than 20 years, encouraging them to build strategies that support the growth of comprehensive, volunteer-based, tutoring, mentoring and learning programs in the areas around each hospital in the city. Browse articles tagged "public health" to see these ideas.

While we need better data, there are many things hospital, university, business, political and faith leaders could be doing to fill different parts of the city with a wide range of youth and family supports, including jobs, that would help reduce the epidemic of violence.

I'd like to help. I need help from some of you to re-build my own capacity to help.

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Here's a story on the Digital Communities web site that focuses on using data visualizations.