Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mapping a Master Plan

In 1995 John McCarron of the Chicago Tribune, wrote this article, about the work I had started in 1993. In the years since then everything I've done has attempted to expand this strategy and communicate it in ways others would understand and adopt it.

In 2005 I started using concept maps to visualize commitments, strategy and the library of resources that I was making available to others.  In late 2015 I started a series of articles on the Mapping for Justice blog, to share some of these maps. Below I'm going to show some of the maps, and provide links to the articles.  Click on the headline to go to the on-line article.

Using Concept Maps to Communicate Strategy

This strategy map visualizes a commitment that any leader can make to help kids born in poverty move through school and into jobs and careers.  Read about it here.

What does "mentoring to career" pipeline look like?


How does a city get from "here" to "there"?


Tutor/Mentor Web Library Aims to Support Innovation in Youth Support World


Using Information as part of Problem Solving Process


R&D for Business Support of Tutor/Mentor Programs

 Talent and Leadership Needed to Achieve Goals


Intermediaries focused on youth in Chicago


Mapping Network Growth in Youth Development Field

These articles represent only a few of more than 1000 that I've posted since 2005.  However, they are a starting point for people who want to see broad-based strategies that reach kids in more places and help them move through school and into adult jobs and careers free of poverty.

I encourage you to form a learning group in your school, club, business, family, fraternity and/or faith group, and read an article a week, or a month, then discuss them and create your interpretation, just has interns working with me have done since 2005.

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