Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Strategy for 2017 - Everyone Leads!

I saw an article titled "New Paradigm for Leadership: Everyone Leads" on my Twitter feed today.

I've been sharing this graphic for nearly 20 years, with the same goal in mind. In this article I talk about "the village" it takes to raise kids, and encourage anyone and everyone to take steps to build and sustain this type of effort in Chicago and in other cities.

In other articles I talk about network building, network analysis, mapping and on-line communities, focusing on ways we can connect, and ways we can measure who is involved, and who still needs to be involved.

As I share these ideas I realize that the issues I focus on, and the city where I live, are only part of the complex network of problems that we face going into 2017 and beyond.

This, my goal is that just a few people from each sector dedicate their time, talent, dollars and lives to the slice of the pie that I focus on, while others make the same commitment to different parts of the pie chart, and/or different places in the world where the same problem is concentrated.

Then let's find ways to share our idea, via web sites, blogs, videos, etc. and connect with each other in ways that we offer support to each other, and learn new ways to solve old problems.

This is only a "new paradigm" if by the end of 2017 we can identify thousands of people who are adopting and applying these ideas.

"If it is to be, it is up to me" is a slogan given to me in the early 1990s by Merri Dee, of WGN TV.

It still applies.

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