Friday, May 19, 2017

Reflection on #onthetable2017 - thanks to #clmooc friends

On Monday I wrote this blog article, encouraging participants in Tuesday's #onthetable2017 event to look for ways to support existing organizations and help them become great instead of just creating new solutions.  Then yesterday my #clmooc friend Terry Elliott, shared a video he had created, turning a blog article by Simon Ensor, into a video.

I decided to test the tool, converting my blog article. The video below is the result.

For several years I've used my blog articles and social media to encourage people working with youth in non-school programs and schools to take time to follow some of the people I'm following and see ideas and activities that they might include in their own work with the youth and volunteers in their programs.

In addition, I've hoped programs would share work they are doing on their own web sites and blogs, and connect with each other on social media, so they could be learning from each other, and constantly improving how they help kids and volunteers connect.

Between yesterday when I first saw Terry's video on Twitter, and today when I was able to publish the one I created, Kevin Hodgson, another #clmooc friend, posted this Tweet, with his own video.

Imagine if youth and volunteers from dozens of tutor/mentor programs were engaging in this type of activity.  The only cost is the time invested in the learning and creating.

My articles focus on strategies that help mentor-rich non-school tutor, mentor programs be available in more high poverty neighborhoods. It's within such programs that this type of creative learning and networking with others can be incubated. The connections youth and volunteers make, to other people, and a world wide library of ideas, can last a lifetime.

I've more than 1000 articles on this blog. I invite anyone with the interest to take one or more, and convert them to videos using the site.


tellio said...

Well done, Daniel.

Dogtrax said...

Excellent .. I am still tinkering around but see interesting possibilities ..

Tutor Mentor Connections said...

I embed a lot of maps and visualizations in my articles to help communicate my message. I'm going to need to test a few more articles to see how well the videos can communicate these ideas without my own videos.

In watching the videos you have created I've already seen some things I could have done with my first try that I'll include when I do this again.

What I hope will happen is that you or others will take one of more of my blog articles and turn it into a video, using your own creativity and perspective, and reaching your own network with the ideas.

tellio said...

I did another video using a less poetic post ( I will find one of yours to work on, too.