Monday, July 24, 2017

Mapping collaboration - #clmooc

I encourage you to skip over to the MappingforJustice blog and see a story I wrote today about the Connected Learning #clmooc group, which has members located in all parts of the US and the world.

In today's issue of the BlackStar Project newsletter, Phil Jackson offers 12 reasons why the billions of dollars spent on anti-violence and anti-poverty programs are not having as much impact as we hope. He points to a WBEZ radio interview where Phil and Chip Mitchell, WBEZ’s West Side reporter, discuss Chicago's anti-violence efforts.

If Chicago is ever going have a comprehensive prevention and intervention strategy, reaching into all high poverty neighborhoods, many, many more people will need to be involved in order to build the public commitment needed to make comprehensive programs available, and keep them in place for a decade or longer.

Using maps to know who is already involved and to see who needs to be involved should be a fundamental strategy that is used in many places.

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